The Perfect 5 Step Evening Routine

The Perfect 5 Step Evening Routine

the perfect evening routine

Since I work from home while taking care of my 4 year old and 2 year old so my days can get pretty hectic. 

STEP 1 - Clean everywhere. Whether you have toys all over the place or magazines out of place, waking up the next day with everything cleaned and put away is the most satisfying feeling.

STEP 2 - Take a shower or bath. If you don't have kids, definitely indulge in a relaxing bath to calm the nerves. If you don't have a lot of time, try a lavender shower tab and in shower facial.

STEP 3 - Do your skincare routine. I don't know why but putting on my face cream and eye cream is just soothing. First after the shower or bath I use a truffle toner. Then I use an eye cream and deep evening moisturizer. Finishing with a nighttime lip balm.

STEP 4 - Make a cup of tea. Chamomile tea is my go to for the evening but feel free to try herbal teas that are best for you. There are so many out there so explore!

STEP 5 - Unwind with a book or film. Since I am a TV junkie, I tend to go for the remote first BUT I do like to read every now and then. I've set a goal for 3 regular books, 2 digital books and 2 audio books a year.  

That is pretty much The Perfect Evening Routine. Thank you for reading! 😊 Let me know what your evening routine looks like. 

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